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A New Year is up and running
February 16, 2009, 3:40 am
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The socks are all finished and turned out great. My sister really likes them so I am going to knit her up a pair.

I knitted them out of Barnet baby yarn that was self patterning.  They look like fair Isle knitted socks without all the changing of yarn. Its a great way to get out of a lot of work.

The socks really wiz’d right along once I got the hang of it all. I think knitting baby booties and baby socks before  tackling big peoples socks was helpful.

I’ve been busy knitting the fast stuff just to be able to keep knitting and baby socks are a great way to use up those left over yarns that you can’t figure out what to do with.  I knitted a awesome bag to turn into a pocket book but I have yet to find the type of handles I want for it so it continues to remain unfinished 😦

My daugtherin law and daughter are delighted with the knitted dishcloths I’ve given them and I get orders from them now and then for ‘More, Please Mom’….. I wish our local Walmart offered cones of Peaches and Cream yarn but they don’t. They have such a limited choice of colors and they are all the little balls of Peaches and Cream and limited in  color choice as well….. Shame on Walmart!

Finding someplace that has a nice selection of yarns , needles and other knitting supplies is hard to do here in the South.  I found  a yarn shop over in Gainesville Florida that has a wonderful selection and  the owner will ship things to you for just he cost of the shipping charge. The place is called ‘Yarn Works’ and when I ventureover there I just want to stay there forever. Its a 45 mile drive for me but its worth every mile and I am sure to spend some money as well once I arrive and start looking around. I really like knitting on Bamboo  needles and they are  especially great when knitting socks. You don’t have to fear your stitches slipping off  the needles.  The shop carries a nice selection of bamboo needles and her sock needles come in packages of 5 needles which is wonderful in case you lose one.

I bought a circular Adi turbo when I was there last time and I love it!  Its light as a feather and you can just zip right along with your knitting.

I”m off to knit some more.  Happy Knitting to all you knitters out there.

Here’s the 411 on Yarn Works for anyone that is interested.

Yarn Works                                 
4113 N.W 13th. St.
Gainesville, FL
Phone: (352)-337-9965


Recipes anyone?
February 16, 2009, 3:07 am
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My favorite restaurant closed this past year and luckly I remembered one of the dishes that I liked so well.
Its super easy and fast to make but guests and family will think you slaved for hours over the stove.

Its called Spaghetti and Artichokes and it is absolutly delicious.

Ingredients for the sauce are –
1 jar of marinated artichokes – Do Not drain
1 tbs of Capers
1 sm pkg of fresh mushrooms sliced
1 can of black olives with out pits
2 jars of tomatoes in basil and olive oil – Do NOT drain

Combine all the ingredients into a sauce pan and bring to a low simmer. Turn heat off you don’t want to over cook these ingredients but keep it warm.

Prepare 1 pkg of spaghetti pasta or Angel hair pasta according to pkg directions.

When finished put spaghetti onto plate and top with the prepared sauce.

The combination of basil and olive oil and the marinade in the jar of artichokes is simply to die for and is what makes this recipe so delicious.

You can double the ingredients for a larger group of people or use the amount above for a romatic dinner for two and you will likely have leftovers.

As usual, this sauce like most sauces gets better the longer it sits.

Add a nice tossed salad with some Fetta cheese and greek olives added and a red wine vinegerette dressing.
Finish it with some garlic bread.

Add candles and your favorite person and Enjoy!

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