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Knitting into the unknown
March 9, 2009, 10:49 am
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The socks, booties, hats and scarves have been fun to knit and the baby blankets have turned out to be every thing I expected them to be, but……yeppers there is always a but in many things.. I am ready to move forward and explore  other things I can accomplish in the knitting world. So my newest project is a toddler pullover sweater.  So far I have the back knit and I am almost finished with the front of the sweater, but (there’s that 3 letter word again) I am stumped with the instructions for the front top part of the sweater. My question of the day is “why are knitting instructions so hard to figure out at times?”

Sometimes the instructions just make no sense to me and they may as well be written in greek. The pattern is from Coats and Clark – Red Heart  and its pattern number LW1611 – ‘knit baby pleasure pullover’. It looks cute in the pic and by looking at it – it appears to be simple to knit up……beeeeepppppppppp – squealing of brakes and crashing of knitting needles!

The instructions for the back of the sweater are easy, its the Front- Dividing for the neck and working the shoulders that has me twitter brained. So with all this mess, I,  have been searching the internet to find some clarification on the topic of knitting sweaters.  I hope to have this newest project finished by the end of this week. ( I’m dreaming here)

If all turns out well , I want to knit up a sweater for myself.

My latest wonderings ……is the current economy hurting knitters?   It has certainly hurt me. I am currently unemployed and thankfully I had a small stash – (small compared to other knitters) –  I am digging through my stash so I can continue to knit. Knitting provides me with focus and some reasonable form of sanity. I am hopping to be able to sell some of the items I knit too. I know you can never get out of the items in dollars sense the amount of time you put into a project but at least you can get some much needed cash and there is nothing nicer than buyng an item that was hand made with love. I guess that is where the term ‘Labor of love” comes from. 

Now a station break so I can get back to me sweater project……


In search of Sgt. Rayburn or message in a bottle?
March 9, 2009, 7:12 am
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I guess I am a hopeless romantic and perhaps I am even barking up the wrong tree but I am going to give it a try any way. Since I don’t think a message in a bottle will work in this case I am going to try using the WWW instead.

I normally don’t go to bars, but a couple weekends after New Years eve I went to a local bar and met a man.  Yeah, yeah, hold down the comments for a minute.  There was just a few of us in the bar and we all started talking,. No one knew each other and it was just fun banter between strangers. As time passed we discovered more about each other and I found out that one man was a Sgt in the Army. At the time I was working for a company that sends me around the USA to provide medical services to the Nat’l Guard so we had that in common to talk about.

He was home on leave and after he told me his story I passed him my email addy on a bar napkin.   Yeah I know not smart because he probably washed it in his pants pocket….ughhhhh I can see all the shreds of paper in the washer in my mind. bye, bye email addy!

So after a night of slow dancing ( he was a fanstastic dancer) and singing many songs in my ear ( he’s a good singer too) I was smitten. I know it sounds corny but  it was like we had been dancing all our lives with each other. It felt so right in so many ways.  We closed the bar down and he asked my to join him for breakfast and I accepted. We talked and talked and I was sad when I knew the night – morning had to come to a close.  He told me his email addy but I never wrote it down. I so wish I had – ughhhhhhh – dumb move on my part.

Now I am in search of Sgt Rayburn. He is stationed with the 101st Airborne in Fort Campbell Ky but I have no idea how to email him.  This is where you come in. If you know him, please tell him I am seaching for him.

Nope I’m not into stalking I just want to be a email pen pal. He may be over in Iraq as he was thinking that  he may be sent back for another tour of duty.

He was a super nice fellow and such a nice gentlmen. He certainly made a lasting impression on me.

No matter how anyone feels about the Iraq war I believe and think our troops deserve our support at all times. They are  giving their lives so that we can remain free from terrorists and from harm.  Their familes deserve our thanks and prayers as well .

Next time you see a soldier , tell him or her “Thank you”.

Its a new month- March is here!
March 2, 2009, 10:18 am
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So February flew in and out. It brought lots of rain and plenty of cold weather along with it. March is here and on its very first day it brought us rain and cold  temperatures as well.  Florida has seen quite a bit of cold weather this year. Kind of unusual for Florida, but also a Welcome. Hopefully it will kill some of our many bugs that call Florida their home.

We seem to have an abundance of roaches, spiders, flying insects and ants and lets don’t forget fleas! Ughhhhhh!!!!!

I have a cat. His name is Mr Romeo.He and  I do the battle of the wills and battle of the fleas throughout the year. He hates it when I change his flea collar and he spazzzs out when I put flea powder on him.  For the most part he and I get along well until it collar changing time. That is when he pulls out all his claws and screams Oh NOOOOO you don’t !

Romeo is a Hemingway – Maine coon cross and he is a sight to see and be around. His 6 toes are a sight to see and I always think of thumbs when I see them.  He is all black and like most cats he chose me, I didn’t choose him.

I went to a local county shelter in search of adopting a kitten,I walked by a cage and this little black ball of fuzz reached out this odd looking paw and tried to slap me. Needless to say he got my attention and within minutes I was filling out papers to take him home with me.

The first night was interesting. He kneeded the covers, and purrred,  then he sucked on my hair,  and purred and purred and purred some more and  nearly drove me nuts.

Off to the bathroom I took him. I put his bowl of food, water and his litter box was already in there waiting for him.   I thought to myself what  can a kitten harm in a bathroom, right??????     lol

Let me tell you, a kitten can shred a roll of toilet paper into a gazzillion pieces of little bitty tiny shreds of paper!

Now Romeo  is a big fella and is still quite enthralled with toilet paper. I make sure I keep it out of his reach.  He has also been caught red handed shredding paper just  like a dog would. He has other canine like qualities as well.

 He waits at the edge of the yard waiting my return from work or when I have been out running errands.  He talks a lot and he certainly understands what is being said to him. If he could actually speak he would,  there is no doubt in my mind about that. To date , he is the only male that can manage to make me fuss without running him off for good.

And no matter how much I fuss about him. the truth is I’d be super lonely without him,  if he were gone.

Yes, he is demanding – typical male but he will curl up at the foot of my bed and sleep with me when its cold outside and I hear him purrr and I can’t help but smile. So far he isn’t interested in my knitting projects. I even knitted him his own blanket and he will not lay on it. No amount of begging will convience him t sleep or lay on that blanket! I guess I should be happy that he leaves my yarn and WIP alone after all there is nothing worse than having cat hair all over your knitting projects.

The other thing he likes to do is eat. This cat eats 24-7 and he doesnt’ like left overs either. He also will not eat just any cat food. Its Meow Mix or nothing!

He meows to come inside and he goes to the door and meows when he wants outside …..pretty smart guy!

Mr Romeo doing what he does best

Mr Romeo doing what he does best

Baby sock pattern
March 2, 2009, 9:50 am
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For those of you who like fast knitting projects here is one that is actually easy and quick to make. I can make a pair up in an evening while watching tv or I should say while listening to tv.

Baby Socks to knit – super easy pattern
I use cotton yarn or baby yarn my choice or fingering yarn.
5 DPN’ s Size 3 ( I like using bamboo dpn’s )

Smaller dpn’s will make a smaller sock and larger dpn’s will of course make a larger sock.

With your choice of yarn cast on 24 stitches.

Join in round being careful not to twist stitches.

Cuff ribbing
Knit 2 , purl 2 around for 20 rows.

Then knit in the round for 3 rows.

Heel work
Next – Knit 12 stitches onto one needle

Note: You can divide the remaining 12 stitches onto two needles if you like.
Sometimes it makes working with the yarn easier.

Here you can do a basic heel stitch of Slip 1, knit 1 to end of 12 stitches and next row slip 1 purl to end. Alternating each row for 13 rows or you can do the Eye of partridge stitch heel below. This makes a nice looking heel.

On Needle with 12 knitted stitches turn work and
Row 1 – (WS) Slip 1 stitch then purl the remaining 1 stitches turn
Row 2 – (RS) Slip 1 * knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, * continue to end , ending in knit 1. Turn work
Row 3 – (WS) Slip 1, purl remainder of stitches. Turn work
Row 4- (RS) Slip 2,* Knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, slip 1* repeat across ending with knit1, knit 1. Turn work
Row 5- (WS) Slip 1, purl remainder of stitches. Turn work
Row 6 – (RS) Slip 1,* knit 1, slip 1, knit1, slip 1 *continue to end of row then turn work.
Row 7 – (WS) Slip 1, purl remainder of stitches , turn work
Row 8 – (RS) Slip 2, * knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, slip 1, * continue to last 2 sts then knit 1, knit 1, turn work
Row 9 – (WS) Slip 1, purl remainder of stitches , turn work
Row 10 – (RS) Slip 1, knit 1 * repeat across ending in Knit 1. Turn work.
Row 11 – (WS) Slip 1, purl remained of stitches, turn work
Row 12 – (RS) Slip 2, knit 1 slip 1 repeat across ending with knit 2
Row 13 – (WS) Slip 1, purl across to end.

The heel will be 13 rows long

Turning Heel –
Row 1 – Slip 1, purl 7, knit 2tog, turn work
Row 2 – slip 1, knit 4, knit 2tog, turn work
Row 3 – Slip 1, purl to stitch before the last turn, Purl 2tog, turn
Row 4- Slip 1 knit to 1st stitch before the last turn, Knit 2tog, turn
Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until all stitches at the end are used up ending with a right side row. There will be 6 stitches left on needle.

Pick up a spare needle and use it to pick up 8 stitches along side of heel flap. ( this will needle will become needle # 1 ina minute ) Knit across the 12 stitches on needle #2. Pick up 8 stitches along heel flap and place on needle #3. Knit 3 stitches from from the original needle that you had the original 6 stitches ( this is actually the center of the heel) on when you finished turning the heel. Add the remaining 3 stitches to needle # 1. You now have 11 stitches on needle # 1 and 12 stitches on needle # 2 and 11 stitches on needle # 3.

Knit 1 full round. – Knit needle #1, #2 and #3.

Next round, knit 8 sts on #1 dpn , k2tog , knit 1,
Needles # 2 knit all 12 stitches
Needle # 3, knit 1, slip 1, knit 1 , pass slipped stitch over knitted stitch. Knit remainder 8 stitiches
Knit in round again
Continue in this manner until you have 6 sitiches remaining on needle # 1 and # 3.
When you are finished you should have
6 stitches on needle #1,
12 stitches on needle # 2
6 stitches on needle # 3

Knit 7 to 10 rounds depending on how long you want the sock to be.

Toe shaping –

Round 1
DPN # 1 – knit to last 3 stitches. K2tog, knit 1
DPN # 2 knit 1, skp, knit to last 3 stitches k2tog knit 1,
DPN#3 – SKP, knit 1, knit to end of needle

Round 2 – knit in round

Continue Rounds 1 and 2 until only 12 stitches total remain on the dpn’s.

Cut yarn leaving a long enough tail to thread into a needle and run through the remaining stitches. One at time, pulling stitch off needle. Once all stitches are off pull yarn tight. Weave in and out to secure yarn and stitches then Bind off and cut yarn.

Terms –
Sl 1 = slip 1 k2tog = knit 2 together SKP – slip knit pass slipped stitch over

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