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Time flys

A lot has been happening thiis year. Dispite everything, life goes on. The economy has gone south and so has most peoples bank accounts. Politicans are throwing money around like there is an endless supply of it just hanging around. IMHO… bailing out Corporate America was not the right thing to do. Washington should have stimulated the economy by giving Americans whoping big stimulas checks. Honestly folks how far does a 600.00 check go???? In my world, not very far. Now if you give me 250 grand, I can do a lot of stimulating of the economy and I bet most of you could do the same with those kind of dollars.
I see on todays headline online news, Washington is upset with Bank Exec. for using the corporate jets.
Is anyone upset with the Secratary of State, Nancy Pelosi flying home in a government jet every weekend?  Pelosi flys each weekend from Washington to her home in California to visit her hubby. I heard the fuel cost for a one way trip is $43000.00, thats one way folks and she dosen’t hitch hike back to D.C. That you can bank on as fact. Geesh she could move her hubby to Washington for way less money and be saving the Ozone too.
When Obama and Biden go out on the town for a hamburger can you image how much it costs you and I for security for those two men to have a $5.00 burger???
One can only imagine! Our President and Vice President go no where without top security and that security is expensive.
It is high time politicians and the President and Vice President started tightening their belts and stop looking to us and our future generations to bail Government out of the financial mess they’ve created.
When your unemployed and wondering where the next dollar will come from or you’ve just gotten a forecloser notice or your cars been repo’d  its a darn hard thing to watch as your President and V.President go from restruant to restruant in search of a good burger or while your President sits on the front row drinking a beer while watching a basketball game.

If our countrys Founding Fathers knew what was happen today they would be mortified. Those men fought hard to free us from the things that we are having to deal with now.

God Bless America and check out the YouTube link.


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