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Has it been that long????
March 11, 2013, 9:44 pm
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Wow..I got an email reminding me I have a blog! I can’t believe its been that long since I’ve written on this blog. So much has happened since I was here last. Romeo, my wonderful cat had to be put to sleep. Some one hurt him so badly he could not be made well by the vet and through tear filled eyes and a broken heart I had him put down.  Two years later the thoughts of him brings a smile to my face and also tears to my eyes. He was one of a kind.  This past year my son and daughter-in-law gave me a precious little gray kitten that someone had dumped at their home.  She has filled the void in my life that came after losing my precious Romeo. I’ve named her Khloe and she is just to cute. She has remained tiny, the current theory is she must have been the runt of the litter. Khloe may be small but she has personality that is LARGE. And OMG she loves yarn!

After years of living back home with my mom ( thank you mom for being there for me) I have finally been blessed with a job I love and a place to call my own.  Divorce is hard and it is extremely hard financially on woman.  We  don’t get paid the same wages as men do, even though we have the same expenses they have.

I’m still knitting and my latest project is a pull over sweater for my grandson. I promised I’d have it ready for him by winter but I’ve had issues with the sleeves. So winter has come and gone in Florida and it looks like I need to FROG it and re-knit it for him in a larger size for next winter. Oh well, FROGGING and re-knitting = Practice = perfect! 🙂

So, I am still single and its been 9 years since the divorce. I’ ve found that while I enjoy the company of a man, now and then, I actually like  living with me, myself and I and Khloe. She and I do our own thing at our own pace and it works well for us..

I’ve changed professions. That’s a whole other story to be told later on. For now, I’m off to the kitchen.


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