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November 14, 2013, 7:31 pm
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Hi everyone. Its Thursday and it is cold here in Florida. Yesterday I believe with a little help it could have snowed. It sure looked like a northern winter day here in North Florida. Windy, cold and very overcast. I just set up my profile on and I am not sure why I want a Ravelry account. (deblovestoknit) Perhaps someone can explain it all to me sometime. I have finished up all my works in progress except the one pair of socks that I started just before my heart attack in May 2013. AlI need to do is finish up binding off the toe and they will be completed. For whatever reason I just haven’t done it. I am currently working on a project of my own. I want to make a blanket but I want Arian cables and design incorporated into it. Currently I am not to well versed in knitting cables so this will diffently be a WIP.

With winter here my cat Khloe is feeling all to frisky for me and especially for my mom who is not really fond of cats to begin with. However for a mom who does not like cats, I can say I came into the living room the other night and mom was watching tv in the recliner and Khloe was asleep in mom’s lap!  I was shocked and also sort of miffed as Khloe does not even think about lying in my lap,where she does like to lay is on my books and papers of knitting patterns that I currently am working from. 

I have decided that I hate passwords. Every thing you do online now you need to have a password and from time to time you have to change them. I want 1 password for everything!!!!! Grrrrrr

Hope you all have a great weekend. 


Knitting my life back together one stitch at a time
November 7, 2013, 4:36 pm
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Hi everyone or maybe I should just say Hi to myself. I don’t think I have a following of readers here so I am most likely writing to myself. In the past week I have finished up several WIP. The Xmas stocking, a pair of socks, a shawl for myself that I have enjoyed now that it is becoming fall here in Florida. I find that since my surgeries I tend to get chilly easily which is a huge change since I use to be hot all the time. I spend most of my days on Facebook, reading knitting blogs of other knitters and searching for knitting patterns that I may like to try and I knit a LOT. My current WIP is a sweater for me that I found on  in the Deep Fall 2013 issue it is the Agata cardigan and it is a wonderfully simple pattern but unfortunately I read the yarn requirements yardage wrong and I am out of yarn at the moment. I am using Caron Paints yarn and it is knitting up nicely exactly  to gauge which is surprising since the yarn is not the kind called for in the pattern. Since I am recuperating from 2 major surgeries I am o my also unfortunately unemployed, ( thank you to my former supervisor–saying this with sarcasm) I loved my job and miss it terribly. However if I am honest with myself this recuperation will take at least a year or more. Open heart surgery re- triple bypass and 8 weeks later a Abdominal Aorita bypass. I look like I have been gutted like a fish. UGH….There are days that I think Ah I feel good and get up and try to do a few simple things around the house to only discover I can’t do it or if I push myself and do it, I pay for it later at night and for days afterwards. 

I have downloaded a new photo program and as soon as I learn how to operate it I will post some pics of some of my knitted items.

The current WIP Agata sweater is on hold until I can get some money to buy additional yarn.

While I do not normally use this media to speak of politics I am going to brake that habit today.

I went on the new website and requested a quote for Obama care insurance for myself. This is the info I entered……

 year old Female, Non tobacco user, Income $0 ( I have no income) No dependents.State living in Florida nd my zip code

This is what I got as a reply……yearly premium 6774.00 , No tax subsidy or credit, Cannot get Medicaid, Silver policy and 6000.00 yrly deductible.  So to date I am worse off with Obama Care then without it because Now I have to figure out how to come up with 6774.00 a year when I have literally no income.

How is Obama Care working out for you?

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