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Knitting my life back together one stitch at a time
November 7, 2013, 4:36 pm
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Hi everyone or maybe I should just say Hi to myself. I don’t think I have a following of readers here so I am most likely writing to myself. In the past week I have finished up several WIP. The Xmas stocking, a pair of socks, a shawl for myself that I have enjoyed now that it is becoming fall here in Florida. I find that since my surgeries I tend to get chilly easily which is a huge change since I use to be hot all the time. I spend most of my days on Facebook, reading knitting blogs of other knitters and searching for knitting patterns that I may like to try and I knit a LOT. My current WIP is a sweater for me that I found on  in the Deep Fall 2013 issue it is the Agata cardigan and it is a wonderfully simple pattern but unfortunately I read the yarn requirements yardage wrong and I am out of yarn at the moment. I am using Caron Paints yarn and it is knitting up nicely exactly  to gauge which is surprising since the yarn is not the kind called for in the pattern. Since I am recuperating from 2 major surgeries I am o my also unfortunately unemployed, ( thank you to my former supervisor–saying this with sarcasm) I loved my job and miss it terribly. However if I am honest with myself this recuperation will take at least a year or more. Open heart surgery re- triple bypass and 8 weeks later a Abdominal Aorita bypass. I look like I have been gutted like a fish. UGH….There are days that I think Ah I feel good and get up and try to do a few simple things around the house to only discover I can’t do it or if I push myself and do it, I pay for it later at night and for days afterwards. 

I have downloaded a new photo program and as soon as I learn how to operate it I will post some pics of some of my knitted items.

The current WIP Agata sweater is on hold until I can get some money to buy additional yarn.

While I do not normally use this media to speak of politics I am going to brake that habit today.

I went on the new website and requested a quote for Obama care insurance for myself. This is the info I entered……

 year old Female, Non tobacco user, Income $0 ( I have no income) No dependents.State living in Florida nd my zip code

This is what I got as a reply……yearly premium 6774.00 , No tax subsidy or credit, Cannot get Medicaid, Silver policy and 6000.00 yrly deductible.  So to date I am worse off with Obama Care then without it because Now I have to figure out how to come up with 6774.00 a year when I have literally no income.

How is Obama Care working out for you?


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