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February 15, 2014, 6:37 pm
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So its Saturday afternoon and I am in Florida. Cold, cold Florida, but we have sunshine today….Yippee..!!! I was going to try to add a animated cartoon that I came across on Facebook today. It so describes my mornings with my kitty Khloe, minus the baseball bat but after inserting it here on the page I realized the animation did not work. 😦  So instead I am going to add this one instead, hope you get a giggle out of it.

Image My Khloe does not only like yarn but for some reason she  likes , no ,loves, to chew on my wooden DPN’s….ugh!  I thought only dogs were chewers. To top it all off the past 2 mornings I have woke up to a flurry of white stuff all over my hall carpet…….Khloe snow! Yes, Khloe made it snow with the roll of toilet paper from the bathroom. She is very good at making a mess and it looks just like it has snowed in the house when she is done with the job. I am the owner of a bored cat and bored cats are not a good thing for the cat or the cat owner. If I could only teach her to walk on a leash we’d be good to go. Unfortunately she wants to lay on the ground once a halter and leash is put on her and if you want her to move you have to drag her …….not good,not good at all. Khloe, has to be a indoor kitty because she has no front claws and she’d never be able to defend herself if necessary. I vowed after having to put my last cat down because someone hurt him so badly the vet couldn’t put him back together , that I would never have another outdoor kitty. Cats love being outdoors, but there is no way to keep a kitty safe when she/he is outside. I think my Khloe might be happy in a 3 story house, thereby giving her plenty of room to run and wonder around in. Plus she would love all the exploring that would be available to her in all that square footage.  

I think it is time I start learning how to knit some kitty toys to hopefully occupy her time.



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