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Its 2015….Whats New?
January 13, 2015, 5:35 am
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Whats new? A new grandbaby. Actually he is my 1st great grandma and he is adorable.

I spent months knitting him blankets , socks, its and a sweater. All turned out wonderful but anything that was fitted he has now out grown. Babies grow very quickly.

As for me, life continues to tick onward. Every day is the same as the previous day and the days and weekends all run together. Life has become very different for me since my triple bypass and abdominal aorta bifemoral bypass surgeries. The latest complication is a hernia which seems to be the course after having abdominal surgery. The best advice I can give anyone that is having heart surgery or abdominal surgery…..get a girdle and wear it 24/7.

Open heart surgery requires that you do not use your arms for a long period of weeks, months , as a means of getting yourself out of bed our out of a chair. This in turn requires you use your legs and stomach muscles to maneuver yourself around  which causes stress on your abdomen. Get a girdle, it may prevent you from getting a hernia later.

If you’re a female get a comfortable front closing sports bra to wear after having heart surgery. It will provide you with blob support which keeps the girls from weighing down your chest. Trust me it makes a big difference.

If you smoke , stop smoking. Take up knitting, crochet, golf, sewing, needle point, puzzles, anything just stop smoking.  If I can post photos I will post after surgery pics of how you look after a triple bypass and abdominal aorta bypass.


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