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It seems the whole world is blogging so I guess it is time for me to catch up. 

Who am I? I’m a 50 year old redhead with green eyes, divorced  female . I was married for 30 years and have been divorce for almost  5 years. I love to knit and mix and match knitting styles and patterns.  I took up knitting when I decided to stop smoking so you could say knitting is my new habit.   Knitting socks for myself  is my current project and it is coming along well.  I practiced a long time by knitting baby socks and booties. It seems to have helped me grasp the whole sock knitting thingy.


I’ve been seriously thinking of  going back to school to become a nurse. I love the medical field and I love helping people.  Herein lies  the problem, money and how to survive without a job while going to school.  Somehow I will figure it all out.

Currently, I travel around  the U.S. taking care of many of our Nat’l Guard soldiers. I must say they are the most  awesome group of men and woman that I have ever met and it has been a real pleasure and honor to have met and worked with them.  This past year has opened many doors that I never expected to see open. I must say that while life has been  hard as a divorced woman, I am learning so many new things and experiencing so many things that at times I wonder if it is all just a dream.

I have met so many intelligent woman who are divorced and trying out their  wings for the first time. They are scared, they are hopeful, but I have no doubt, …….they will make it!    This I am sure of…why?   Because they have courage and a sprite that screams  “I know I can do this, I won’t let the world beat me down!”

My words to all you divorced woman out there that are struggling is…. Keep the faith, BELIEVE and KNOW that anything is possible with God in your life. He hasn’t brought any of us this far and through all the heataches and trials to dump us and turn away from us now. He is there, lean on him, he can handle our troubles if we turn them over to him.

Now as soon as I can figure all this blogging stuff out and how to design my blog page I will get back to blogging.

Until then, Be well and Be safe.

Diva knits~


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